Low Poly Tools for Unity

The PolyWorld suite of tools and 3D artwork enables you to create a faceted, low poly  world in the Unity engine.

Let’s Do Low Poly!

Create your low poly world using the familiar Unity Terrain tools, painting infinite terrain textures, then convert that to a faceted, Polyworld terrain. A completely nondestructive low poly  terrain construction workflow enables you to iterate quickly and realize your vision. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun.

Go subterranean with a simple modular cave system in the faceted style. Turns, slopes, halls, and rooms are included. Place loot in the caves with 3 to 4 different treasure chest styles, all pre-animated to open and close. Light the caves with included torch prefabs, each with a flickering light script.

Use trees, stumps, walls, fencing, rocks, bushes, bridges, and a complex but simple modular village collection. Choose from multiple base building footprints, then add windows, doors, overhangs, stone, brick, and ivy decor, even chimneys. Give each building some purpose with hanging signs and icons: weapon shop, inn, mayor’s house, item shop, magic shop, etc.

Perhaps the most appealing thing of all is the included PolyWorld Mesh Converter script. Take almost any Mesh-based gameobject, even Characters, and instantly convert it to the low poly  style!

Dragon model by Kalamona (not included) from “Dragon Pack.” Converted via PolyWorld Mesh Converter

Some additional things:

  • Vertex-colored shaders hand-optimized for mobile that work in all rendering paths (Deferred, Forward, and Vertex) and DX11.
  • Some additional scripts such as a simple sinusoidal vertex animation script and an intelligent Mesh Combine script.
  • Everything in the world, except the skybox, is vertex colored. There are no textures for the assets. This allows for a super-small build package for your game.
  • Demo scenes are included, some optimized for Mobile devices.

Curious? Check out the Live Demo, then Purchase Here!

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