Here are some cool things you can do with the Toolkit:

  1. Don’t be limited to 4 terrain textures! When you paint on the terrain, there is no limit to the number of textures you can use because it all gets baked down to the vertices. Paint as many terrain textures as you want.
  2. Create a cave floor using the same terrain you use for the ground outside the cave.  Use the modular cave prefabs to build the cave walls. Then, add another separate terrain for the cap. Check the demo scenes for how this is done.
  3. There are alot of prefabs that make up a town. Use the Mesh Combine script to make them one mesh with  1 to 2 drawcalls. This works great for mobile builds.
  4. When converting meshes and characters with the Mesh Converter script, you can brighten the resulting colors with the “Brighten by Color” swatch in the script. Or, darken the colors by just adjusting the color swatch in the material.
  5. Sculpt simple meshes with the terrain script. Need sharp, jagged rocks? Make a super-low detail Unity Terrain, then harshly pull the vertices up. Texture it, then convert it to a PolyWorld terrain and you have some jagged rocks.