PolyWorld Packs

PolyWorld consists of several differently themed packs. Some packs have unique scripts included that are also guaranteed to work across all themed packs.

All PolyWorld packs include at least the following:

  • Mesh and Terrain Conversion scripts.
  • Draw Call Combiner script
  • SurfaceNoise script for animating water
PolyWorld: Woodland Toolkit
  • Vast array of low poly architecture, props, and prefabs in a common village style. Buildings, caves, treasure chests, mountain meshes, etc.
  • Great general purpose pack to get you started.

PolyWorld: Ancient East Toolkit

  • Higher detailed Eastern-inspired art style with 3 LOD levels for architecture and props
  • Modular water tiles for small areas.
  • Huge rock spires and detailed clouds.
  • Powerful ModifyColor script: painlessly change any color on any mesh to get the variance you need.